Yossi Yoffe - The Band

General Info about Yossi Yoffe and The Band


  Also known as   YoYo Live


  The band consists of between 8 and 12 members.

  We are very flattered to be considered one of the top function bands around,   

  providing services for the local community around London, as well as travelling

  all over the UK and Europe.


  The Band is happy to perform for private functions such as weddings, as well as 

  corporate, national and international events. The band’s line up is always the same,

  with as few exceptions as possible.  Additional services, including Cabarets,

  Dancers, Lighting, themes, Special Effects etc.


  Yossi Yoffe, the bandleader is a London Based Keyboard player, Vocalist,

  Composer and Producer. Yossi grew up in Israel and began his career at the age

  of 15,   performing all over the country. He was involved in many musical projects,  

  writing, composing and producing albums for big and lesser-known names, as well

  as radio and TV commercials.

  Growing up in Israel exposed Yossi to a wide variety of musical and cultural 

  influences, which has been a great benefit to his stylistic versatility, enabling the

  band to play many styles of music and sing in various languages. Yossi started

  work in the UK in 1994 as a solo performer before forming the Band in 1995. He

  still, however, performs as a One Man Band on occasion.


  The Band members

  It is a real plus to be able to enjoy what you do for living! But above that, we all

  consider ourselves very lucky to have found each other. Over the years, we have

  become very close friends and the vibe and energy on stage definitely shows it.

  If you take a look at any one of the band member’s CVs, you would be truly

  amazed to see the achievements and big names mentioned. It would take too long

  to go into here; suffice to say that on countless occasions, as you listen to the

  radio, watch TV, or go to see a West End musical, you would be listening to one or 

  more of Yossi’s Band members.


  We consider ourselves privileged for being able to have a great time making magical  

  memories for so many good people, while sharing the stage with such unbelievably  

  talented musicians.